Welcome members of LOLON.

This is an infrequent Fate campaign and may happen again. Players are encouraged to add to the body of knowledge and expand upon the Known World.

The setting is the 1920’s (though there is talk of playing in earlier or later periods as well). The party members of agents of the League of the League of Nations, a super-secret organization (of apparently limitless imagination and budget) dedicated to fighting the depredations of the Dreaded Things From Beyonde. The Unknowable are currently served by the foul Cult of the Feathered Serpent, the remnants of the ancient Aztecs (and possibly others) that fled to the Moon after suffering crushing defeat at the hands of the Spanish Conquistadors — or perhaps that is what they want you to think! The Cult and their feared Jaguar Knights threaten the goodly nations of Earth and humanity from their Hidden Base on the Moon.

This campaign uses the Fate Core rules system.

League of the League of Nations

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